Carver PRO 3 Head Replacement Blade
Carver PRO 3 Head Replacement Blade
Skull Shaver CR-3 Replacement Blade
Skull Shaver CR-3 Replacement Blade
Carver PRO 3 Head Replacement Blade
Carver PRO 3 Head Replacement Blade
Carver PRO 3 Head Replacement Blade
Carver PRO 3 Head Replacement Blade
Carver PRO 3 Head Replacement Blade

Carver PRO 3 Head Replacement Blade


The Butterfly Kiss Pro shavers are the latest upgraded Skull Shaver’s electric razors for women. The new model has undergone tremendous improvements both in design and in performance making it a phenomenal shaver for women. As a result of these enhancements, the shaver now allows to have a smooth, fast and most importantly safe shave.

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The CR-3 Blade

Skull Shaver 3 head Carver PRO blades are perfectly suited for both head and face shaving. The smaller blade profile more closely conforms to tightly contoured areas such as your chin or jawline. Experience the exceptionally close and safe shave thanks to the re-engineered Carver PRO blades made of premium Japanese Stainless Steel to ensure flawless results. Carver PRO features dual cutting rings and flat foil mesh. Carver is recommended for coarse hair. The upgraded 3 head PRO blades have several advantages over 5 head designs and are great for covering a lot of area in a small amount of time:

Shave Faster

Skull Shaver PRO next-generation 3 head blades let you shave faster than our previous designs. Multi-directional rotary shaving heads let you shave in any direction. Shave up, down, left, right, whatever works best for you and for best results, we recommend shaving in small circular motions. Skull Shaver PRO blades have more cutting edges per shaving head than our previous generation blades, giving you 20% more cutting action per rotation. All this means a faster and closer shave and a perfect look everyday.

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Exceptional Contouring

3 head PRO blades contour and perfectly adjust to your head and face while shaving: each blade floats independently, allowing 360° of contouring and each floating blade is mounted in a flexing head that automatically adjusts for tighter or larger curves. This flexibility gives you better and even more coverage, so you don't have to keep going over trouble spots. Faster shave with no irritation!

palm shaver easy cleanup

Superior Performance

Skull Shaver PRO blades are made from premium hypo-allergenic Japanese stainless steel, which has the ability to provide and hold an extremely sharp edge while providing a long lifetime. Keeping the precision blades clean will provide you with the best performance and the longest blade lifetime.

No Irritation

Another great advantage of the newest PRO blades is extremely safe shave without any skin irritation. One of the biggest sources of irritation is pressing too hard. Skull Shaver PRO blades are spring-loaded and will fully retract into the housing if pressed too hard. The springs keep the perfect amount of pressure against your skin, greatly reducing irritation. If you do press too hard, the shaver will also slow down, giving you an audible reminder to lower the shaving pressure.

Deeper Cleaning

The availability of deeper cleaning extends blade life and keeps your shaves as smooth as day one. Removable PRO blades come off in a snap making it easy to give your blades a deep clean inside and out.

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Less Mess

Due to the built-in vacuum technology, Skull Shaver PRO blades capture hair inside their large shaving chambers. Hair stays off your skin and shirt so you can always have a clean shave and look your best wherever you go.

Built Stronger

The all-new 3 head PRO blades by Skull Shaver are built stronger than any of our previous designs: the blades are suspended in a two-piece chassis to allow contouring flexibility while holding them securely in place. The drivetrain has been relocated to a sealed chamber to keep hair clippings out of the transmission, ensuring you always get consistent and smooth performance.

palm shaver and nose hair trimmer

Shave Wet or Dry

Next-generation PRO blades work great for shaving both wet and dry. For wet shave use shaving cream, foam, or oil. We recommend wet shaving with shaving cream for the smoothest shave possible.

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Upgraded 3 head PRO blades are compatible with all Pitbull, Palm, and Butterfly Kiss shavers.

Find the style that suits you best

We make Skull Shaver PRO blades in three styles: Carver, Forte, and Baron. If you had a favourite in our 5 head, you can simply choose the same style PRO blade. Carver features dual cutting rings and flat foil mesh. Carver is recommended for coarse hair. Forte features dual cutting rings and bevelled foil mesh. Cutting performance between Carver and Forte is similar, although Forte will feel smoother as it glides across your skin due to the curved and bevelled foils. Forte is our most popular and is the best choice for most people. Baron features three cutting rings per shaving head: two with S-shaped openings, and one cutting ring with dots. Those with sensitive skin and fine hair will love this style.

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