Women Shaver

Introducing the Butterfly Kiss PRO Women Shaver by Skull Shaver. It provides a clean and close shave for arms, legs and other parts of the body. The shaver has a unique and distinctive design that will please every woman thanks to the revolutionary ergonomic handle that will perfectly fit the palm of your hand and make the shaving process nothing but joy. You will be amazed by the ease of accessing the hard-to-reach areas with the large and flexible shaving heads. Due to the integrated powerful battery, you will feel the comfort of cordless shaving anywhere. Last but not the least, you will fall in love with your Butterfly Kiss shaver, since it will leave your skin silky smooth and soft with no irritations.

Butterfly Kiss PRO

Quick Full Body Shave

No Nick, Cuts & Irritation

Silky Smooth



Razors are DEAD to me

I saw this on sale and I JUMPED on it, and you have no idea how glad I am that I did—I am a woman who rocks the shaved head look, and this was easy to use, VERY fast, and gave me a super close shave with just a few strokes. I would recommend this to EVERYONE, because you can use it on everything on your body pretty much! Another few things? It’s super lightweight and easy to hold, easy to clean, and the fact that it charges in such a short time but yields such long battery life? It’s PERFECT.

- Marie W.

I love it

I bought it for my legs and also used it to clean up when I shaved my head bald for St Baldricks Foundation. I’m approaching the end of my 5th decade on this planet and I’m angry at all the ways I’ve been taught how to remove hair. Those burning creams, professional and at-home waxes, cutting razors, that epilady rotating coil torture device, etc... Why were we never told about a shaver like this for shaving our legs?

- Amy


Honestly, I didn't know what to expect. But I purchased just to use on my head and I love how it doesn't give me any nicks or cuts. I can shave my head in about two minutes and I don't have to shave every day!

- Tracey W.