Our Story

ShaverHub commenced operations in Australia and New Zealand in 2018 as an authorised dealer for Skull Shaver. ShaverHub customers knew and trusted the ShaverHub brand to supply you Skull Shaver head shavers and accessories.
In 2023 we were very proud to announce ShaverHub had transitioned to skullshaver.com.au
Our brand still has the same values focusing on the customer experience above all else, and providing the best possible products to the market. We were really excited for this evolution of our brand and business.”
Skull Shaver's foundation of business is laid in solving grooming and hair cutting problems which were never tackled before. That DNA has constantly produced some of the best solutions to the problems which always existed but never taken care of.
Skull Shaver is driven by innovative solutions which solve real problems in grooming and hair cutting which brings comfort and speed that produce pleasant results fast to a consumer.
It all started with the invention of Skull Shaver that changed the history of head shaving. This was the first electric shaver, available in late December 2012, that allowed easy reach to shave head hair from every angle including back of the head with ease. This was also the first ever electric shaver that allowed dry shaving of head hair.


We are so grateful to the public for recognising our innovative products. Our constant focus on innovation, quality and services has resulted in over 70,000 five-star reviews online.
The public has accepted our products with open arms. Our sales have grown fifty times since 2013, our first full year of sales. We were flattered by hundreds of companies who try to copy our shaver by infringing on our patents. Their low quality and defective design did not serve the public well. We had to take legal measures to eliminate them. We have successfully stopped thousands of infringed products from all the major online platforms.
Success of our products went beyond the USA borders. Skull Shaver products are available worldwide, including in the United States, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, India, UAE, Australia and New Zealand. We are constantly making them available in growing markets of other countries.
We are consistently rated as the top head shaver with major media publications. We have made Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies 5 times in the USA. Our Super bowl TV commercials have appeared in the years 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020 and 2018.
Our innovative spirit did not stop with our first major product. There are major products which were the results of real problems with grooming and hair cutting.

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Skull Shaver Mission & Values

Innovate Grooming and Hair-cutting products which are easy to use, comforting and fast.

How our innovative products help millions every day?

Skull Shaver:

Our high-end shaver product is known under the brand Pitbull Shavers. Everyday millions of head shaves are accomplished in a smooth and comforting way within ninety seconds. Easy to clean.

Butterfly Kiss Shaver:

This was an answer to the problems that ladies face in reaching the back of their legs in an efficient and fast manner every day in shaving their legs. This beautifully contoured product provided comfort and smoothness in leg and body shaving.

Beast Clipper:

It was surprising to see that millions of people still depend on hairdressers for their simple haircut. Millions of men with receding hair line which only need a simple trimming can use Beast Clipper with different length size cutting comb to do a self-haircut. Unlike elongated hair clipper, Beast Clipper offers a most comforting and balanced grip to easily reach any part of the head with balance and confidence and do different length of hair trimming including bald trimming. Since its introduction, many men and women have taken advantage of this to do simple self-hair cut or doing haircut of children or elderly without driving back and forth to a hairdresser, then waiting before getting a haircut.

One Lion Foil Shaver

Today’s men have gone back to the days of sporting facial hair. There were not great shavers available in the market that allow a close shaving of face but also lining up and shaping up of the face and facial hair. We invented One Lion to specifically solve that problem. One Lion uses professional grade cutting foil to give the closes shaving of facial hair. Its design of step foil with a top foil and lower foil allows a man to use just the top foil when a high precision facial hair line need to be formed. And the option to use both foil for wide areas of the face for deep and fast shaving. It was also super easy to clean compared to many high-end face foil shavers in the market. So, the women can also take advantage of this technological advance we created One Lion Purple shaver for women.

The following are other innovative accessories and services to help grooming and hair cutting easy and comforting:

Shaver head Blades:

Our innovative shaver heads not only give the closest shave possible but are also easiest to clean and maintain. You will find a shaver head for all types of hair texture type. Our rotary shaver heads under the brand Carver, Forte and Baron are world class in performance and maintenance. For One Lion foil shaver's shaver heads Chiseler and Fixer will keep your face and facial hair well shaved, shaped and lined up.

Subscription Service:

We are there to make everything as easy and comfortable as possible for you. With subscription service you not only get worry-free replenishment of blades and creams, but it also comes with a 10% discount.

John Lyles, co-founder demonstrating how the idea of Skull Shaver evolved.