Announcement: Skull Shaver PRO Head & Face Shaver is LIVE!

Announcement: Skull Shaver PRO Head & Face Shaver is LIVE!

Major Announcement for Shaver lovers:

Skull Shaver introduces a new PRO series of shavers for anyone who wants a perfect shave but does not want to compromise on comfort. Every aspect of the Pitbull PRO Series is designed to provide a faster, smoother shave with an eye on ease and durability as well.

Pitbull PRO series contains three different shavers:

Pitbull Platinum PRO Head and Face Shaver


Pitbull Gold PRO Head and Face Shaver


Pitbull Silver PRO Head and Face Shaver


Pitbull Silver PRO Vs. Pitbull Gold PRO Vs. Pitbull Platinum PRO 

What makes Pitbull PRO different?

20% more cutting action per rotation.

  • The Pitbull PRO series comes with two blades: one for the tight, contoured areas of your face and another one for large areas.
  • The four-head blades cover a large area in a short span of time giving you a quick shave for your entire head. 
  • The flexing and pivoting heads of the optionally available 3 head blades are ideal for face shaving or anywhere with contours, and tight spots.
  • Skull Shaver PRO blades provide 360° of contouring, automatically adjusts for larger curves.
  •  With multi-directional rotary shaving heads, you can shave left, right, up, down, circular, whatever suits you.

Skull Shaver PRO blades in three styles

  1. Carver (2 cutting rings, flat foil mesh, best for coarse hair)
  2. Forte (2 cutting rings, beveled foil mesh, best for most people)
  3. Baron (3 cutting rings, 3-contoured foil mesh, best for sensitive skin) 

Designed with top-quality materials

Skull Shaver Pitbull Pro blades are crafted with premium hypo-allergenic Japanese stainless steel, providing extremely sharp edge and best performance.

 Do not allow you to press too hard

Skull Shaver PRO blades are spring-loaded and will fully retract into the housing if pressed too hard. The springs keep the perfect amount of pressure against your skin, greatly reducing irritation. If too much pressure is applied, the shaver will slow down, giving you an audible reminder to lower the shaving pressure.

What makes Pitbull PRO different

Skull Shaver PRO blades are compatible with all Pitbull, Palm, and Butterfly Kiss Shavers.

“At Skull Shaver, we believe that there’s always a scope for something better. We make the best possible as well as impossible efforts to take men’s grooming to the next level. As the market leader of the electric shaving industry, we are delighted to launch the innovative series of Pitbull PRO, which allows men to explore the best tool for a perfect shave- close, smooth, comfortable, gentle, and precise.”
 -John Lyles
Chief Designer, Skull Shaver.